Can you make icons of the new selena picture? :)

They not be the best, but here’s 3. :)


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Selena Gomez Gif Banner

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To all of the fucking anons sending this amazing site hate, why don't you just stop being immature as fuck? People can't help that they have dyslexia. We're not all perfect. She did NOTHING wrong and you're saying her premades suck? No they really don't. There really is shitty premades sites that have horrible Selena premades and you can't find good premades like these anywhere else it's a rare thing. Why don't all of you bitches just fuck off.


i love you meg<3

Don’t listen to all those fucking haters. I bet they can’t even make a premade to begin with. They’re just basically jealous because you’re dedicated and they’re not. You put a lot of work into your site and so do I. Just don’t let those people get to you because they’re not important. Plus they’re anons so it makes it more immature for them to come send you stuff like that. Keep your head held high and do what you love. :)


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Can you do a name banner for me? pink and white with pretty cursive with the name Laney Montoya please?


Hope you like it! :)

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